Our brave market-gardener left city and office life to live peacefully among her plants. Without the deceptive help of chemicals, she tenderly grows the vegetables that fed her own children and now sometimes seem to receive the same care and attention… When pests strike and harvests are lost, the Association always offers a strong shoulder to lean on for Isabelle to carry on.


His personal journey brought him from Brittany to Aveyron, from industrial production to snail-farming. But life is not always quiet and calm, for when hundreds of snails make a rapid night-time escape Thierry has a lot of chasing to do. His baby snails arrive in May and are nourished and looked after for many months until they are ready for his regular clients.


As a founding member of the Association, he generously contributes to all its projects. His lambs are fed with the freshest hay and his harvest of ‘gorgeous’ potatoes are admired by customers and enjoyed in prestigious local restaurants. Born and bred in Caplongue, home of the Loco-Motivés, Jean-Marc also runs the café as a meeting place for planning festivities and even for slightly mysterious projects…


Fruit harvester and eco-philosopher, Philippe gathers in a variety of berries leaving as little impact on nature’s habitat as possible. In spring and summer when he criss-crosses the countryside harvesting, his daughter says he is ‘unblushing’ the bushes. Then he magically turns them into jams and delicious syrups. His autumn harvest is transformed into chestnut cream, a Christmas favourite.


As an enterprising creator of a software cooperative, Vincent has always been convinced of the need to concentrate on local development. His bubbling energy made him a founding member of the Loco-Motivés. He is determined to open the movement to other producers so that all can improve the organic quality of their food. He’s a believer so if you need to convince anyone, let them meet Vincent.

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